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    Breeding Kits, is a fun and education kit that provides you the chance to give birth, breed and raise fresh water creatures named Triops. You can observe these ancient creatures eggs from their baby stage to adult stage with out kit.

    Only add water and experience the magic!

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  • Professional Fish Foods

    CGC Fish Foods FRESHRIMP & ARTEMİX are a mixture for professionals to easily produce live food required for young fish.

    Freshimp's mixture consists of Fairt Shrimp eggs and special peat mixture to constain micro algae as an initial food and a buffer system to maintain the required pH level. To hatch eggs mix one measure of mixture into 500ml spring water and place under a light source.The eggs should hatch within 24-72 hours.

    Artemix newly hatched Artemia (Brine Shrimp) is an ideal food source to grow fish and raise fry healthy and easily. Enhances colour development and also used for breeding corals and invertebrates in saltwater. Add 1 serving of the mixture into a container filled with 500ml of tap water. Aerate well and wait for the eggs to hatch within 2 hours at room temperature. High hatching rate guaranteed !

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