About Us

CGC Trade Ltd. Co.

CGC Trade Ltd. Co. is Turkey's leader and one and only company in creating innovative, interesting live creature kits and indoor growing kits. All of our products are fun and educational, each kit contains a huge content of information about the live creatures, plants and explains all the science behind each product. Our company was established in 2012, and was first in the market with our Turkish patented product ''Magic Fish'' which is still a classic today. We always intend to further our vision and we are following this path till this day. We also produce different Pet products like, cat/dog beds, cat litter, aquarium sands, bird and reptile minerals and professional breeders fish foods.

Where and what year was your company founded?
CGC Trade Ltd. Co. was founded in 2014 by Gökmen Ken Ülgen, a Canada Ryerson University Film graduate, a person who loves nature and all the living. CGC Trade is located in Turkey/İstanbul and is run by the founder, Gökmen Ken Ülgen.

What was your original vision for the company?
Our vision is to bring the magic of nature to peoples homes and by creating fun, exciting growing kits we aim to bring awareness and interest about nature to peoples lives.

Why shout I choose CGC Products?
CGC's products are truly unique, exciting, and fun. They are educational and edgy, a hip combination that really creates a win-win-win! We are proud of our quality, proud of the line's content and subject matter, and proud that our products are made and assembled in Turkey. Our products are very customer driven. We get suggestions all the time, and we poll our major distributors and catalogs before we make anything. Our customers are an invaluable source of product development data. We all try to do the best job we can and have fun doing it. If something is not exciting, or if something is not done right, it's not worth it. Each one of us gives everything we have every day.

What is the most exciting part of your business?
By far the most exciting part is seeing peoples reactions to the magical progress of our products. to help people get excited about natural products for the first time and to have a part in their initial excitement blossoming into an encompassing interest.

What makes CGC the leader in growing kits?
CGC has years of experience in growing aquatic species and exotic, unusual plants from seed. All of our products are of the highest quality and are made in Turkey. We are dedicated to all of our customers and strive to have virtually no backorders. We stand behind all of our products and respond to all issues promptly. All of our kits are easy-to-grow, guaranteed to hatch, and will result in beautiful indoor growing kits that will last for years.

What keeps things interesting at CGC?
CGC's packaging is colorful, fun, and striking. The goal of the packaging is to communicate the feeling the creation of the creature or plant conveys. Vivid photographs are combined with fun illustrations and exciting, engaging themes. We have a huge collection of themed growing kits that we plan to offer the market. At CGC, we test all of our products thoroughly under a variety of conditions. We test all parts and have a verity of suppliers to insure the best quality. Advertisements o our products are regularly shown on TV Channels, YouTube Channels and on Social Media. All of the results are to give our customers the best experience.

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